Tellpopeyes Survey Questions

Tell Popeyes survey questions are very easy and simple, The questions that are asked in the survey totally depend upon the customer’s latest visit to the Tell Popeyes outlet. Different aspects are covered in the Tell Popeyes survey questions. There is no possibility of getting similar questions in the survey, as the question changes according to different restaurants, locations, or places. 

Major topics at which most of the questions are asked:

  • Quality of the food
  • The behavior of the staff
  • Billing process
  • Fresh food served or not
  • Restaurant’s hygiene & cleanliness
  • Accuracy of the ordered food
  • Taste of the food
  • Availability of the item
  • Overall Satisfaction ratings
  • Pricing of the food

Some of the sample questions that are basically asked in the Tell Popeyes survey are given below-:

Q1. Has your order delivered exactly you asked for?

Q2. How was the food and drinks quality that was served in the restaurant?

Q3. What food or drink have you ordered on your recent visit to Popeyes restaurant?

Q4. Is the price of the food and the drinks are affordable at Popeyes outlets?

Q5. How often do you visit the Tell Popeyes restaurant?

Q6. How will rate the hygiene and cleanliness of the Tell Popeyes restaurant?

Q7. Is the cleanliness and hygiene of the Popeyes restaurant good or bad?

Q8. How was the restaurant staff’s behavior?

Q9. Were the Popeyes restaurants managing staff friendly with the customers?

Q10. How was your food at the Popeyes restaurant?

Q11. Was the food served to you on your table fresh and hot?

Q12. Was the taste of the food is satisfactory?

Q13. Rate your experience and satisfaction level at the Tell Popeyes restaurant.

These types of questions are asked to the customers in the Tell Popeyes restaurant survey. You can go and take the survey from the official website of Tell Popeyes i.e. Answer the simple questions of the survey and win different coupons, vouchers, and gift cards as a reward for taking the survey.

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