Popeyes Coupon Codes & Offers

Tell Popeyes offers various coupons and promos to their customers as a reward for taking part in the restaurant survey. The rewards may be a coupon, gift card, or any vouchers that you will receive after you won the sweepstakes.

The Tell Popeyes is the prize that any customer of Tell Popeyes receives after taking part in the survey and completing it. The customers get different rewards such as coupons, vouchers, and gift cards. Most of the customers get a $ 1000 gift card who wins the Tell Popeyes sweepstakes. The winners of the coupons, vouchers, and gift cards get their reward on Email that they have registered at the time of taking the survey.

Try Tellpopeyes Survey and Win $1,000

You have to take part in the survey and answer the questions asked in the survey genuinely based on your recent visit to Popeyes restaurant to enter into the sweepstakes. The survey questions will be based on your in-restaurant experience that Tells Popeyes organizes monthly and after that, you can take part in the sweepstakes and can win different coupons, promo codes, vouchers, or $ 1000 gift card. The gift cards cannot be transferred from one person to another person.

The survey code is valid only for two days from the print date of the receipt and if you take the survey and become eligible to enter into the sweepstakes for receiving the reward you have to redeem your reward within 30 days of the date after you have the finished the Popeyes survey.

Popeyes Reward Guide

  • The winners of the sweepstakes and the rewards will be announced on the official website of Tell Popeyes
  • The gift card, vouchers, or coupons cannot be transferred from one person to another person.
  • Tell Popeyes to organize sweepstakes every month for their customers, one customer can take the survey once a month and can participate in the sweepstakes one every month.