What is Popeyes validation code?

What is Popeyes validation code?

Tell Popeyes validation code is a code that you will get when you purchase something from any of the Tell Popeyes Outlet. After you purchase something from the Tell Popeyes restaurant you will get a receipt of the purchase from that particular restaurant with the Tell Popeyes validation code printed on it with the help of the validation code number you will be eligible to take part in the Tell Popeyes survey.

A customer cannot take part in the Popeyes survey until he or she won’t have the Tell Popeyes Validation code they will not be able to take part in survey You can win the rewards and prizes by participating in the Popeyes survey that will make you eligible for entering the sweepstakes to win Tell Popeyes restaurant coupons, vouchers or a $1000 gift card. You should take the Popeyes survey carefully to win the reward of $1000 through the sweepstakes.

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How to use the Popeyes validation code 

The Step by step guide for how to use the Tell Popeyes validation code. Here are the following steps are given below-:

  • Open your digital device (mobile phone, pc, laptop, or tablet)
  • Open the web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc)
  • Open the official website of Tell Popeyes 
  • On the homepage of the official website, there will be an option to Take the survey
  • Click on the Take the survey option 
  • You have to Enter the Tell Popeyes validation code number that is printed on the receipt
  • Now enter the date and time of the Tell Popeyes restaurant visit and the amount of the bill
  • Click on the start button 
  • Answer the basic questions of the survey genuinely based on your recent visit to Tell Popeyes restaurant

After you complete the survey you can enter into the sweepstakes where you can earn any reward that can be redeemed at the Tell Popeyes outlet

When you make any purchase from the Popeyes restaurant you will get a survey code, within two days of getting the survey code you have to complete the survey using the survey code. After completing the survey you will enter into the sweepstakes and can earn various rewards. The rewards that you earn can be redeemed within 30 days of the date of the survey, so take the survey within the validity of the validation code i.e. within 2 days, and redeem the reward benefits as soon as possible.